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We at Aharin look at fashion as an expression of our artistic sensibilities. We are inspired by the visual life forms that exist in nature and in the vintage forms of the world around us. Our effort remains to be true to our inspiration and to keep our interference minimal in designing. We represent our inspirations as they already exists through our designs and subsequently convert them in wearable forms.

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Behind all this: Prasansha Saha

Born and brought up in Kolkata and influenced by the craftsmanship and artisans that surrounded her. Prasansha’s work is inspired by Antiquities and Indian Crafts and culture since the beginning. In her childhood days, there was always an inclination to the hands of artisans and craftsman.

She has seen artists working on the models of Durga for preparations of most grandly celebrated festival, Durga Puja in her hometown Kolkata. Graduated from National Institute of Fashion design in 2007 with The Most Creative Design Collection Award, Prasansha always actively participated in a number of competitions and won them. Her designs got printed for the Kingfisher Calendar, won the VIP feelings lace and lingerie Award, stand up amongst the finalist go Will Lifestyle debut. She also acclaims the “Persis Khambata Award” on her graduation day in NIFT, for being a student excelling in humanitarian deeds.

Prasansha worked closely with international designer Sandy Starkman who is amongst the founder on NIFT in India. She recalls her experience working at Sandy’s office, with peacocks surrounding the entire office workspace, a very creative place to work at, her mind’s opened up to a global design industry.

Prasansha’s also worked for the label Kavita Bhartia for her ready to wear Indian line. At Kavita Bhartia, Prasansha’s worked on defining a new edge in Indian embroideries, mixed them with play of color and screen printing. Her work is always appreciated. Curiosity and her creative bend towards Indian tradition and its endless possibilities makes her design even more unique and outstanding. She brings with her immense creativity and design development for the modern generation. Prasansha had worked with major cluster development of Bidri, Block prints and an exquisite work of zardozi, cotton blends and colors. Her style and sensibilities are unique and depict a sense of tradition in a contemporary way. Acclaiming the most Creative Design Collection Award & the Persis Khambata Award in 2007, she stands apart from the crowd.

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